Heart is what makes us unique.

When we made our first steps in 2014, few saw where we were going. People believed that local services were about to die out and be completely replaced with new technologies such as e-commerce. At that time investors would rather spend on big corporate structures creating complete fullfilment logistics, bypassing what we wanted to focus on : Small & Medium Sized Businesses.

Today, the world knows better. Platforms such as Airbnb & Uber have proven that human interactions are the foundation of successful businesses. Even ecommerce giants, try to root in local economies. They know that, physical proximity is the one and only asset. 




It is not about the product.

Modern consumers are extremly savy and know the difference between an algorythm and real human passion.

Building a service takes heart & a strong believe in your passion, those are values no computer on earth can ever simulate. Local entrepreneurs have all of that.

Today, customers can buy anywhere, anytime. What we need to understand is, that humans are not buying products anymore. Our spending must take us on a journey, making us feel part of a story, bigger than ourself.




Product is only the medium.

It just happens that passion and tenacity incarnate in a physical product or service. We want to go deeper and remind ourusers, why people have initially started to use and offer local services. We help customers to give meaning to their consumer behaviour and engage with passionate makers.

Using mylocal means unleashing the power contained in one`s local surroundings. Using mylocal means understanding, that we do not have to master everything. We should trust in the capabilities of each other and do something great of those, we have been gifted with.

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