What does each reservation status means?

If you want to see the status of your reservation, you can find your status in your the orders tab of your account.

Reservation statuses

1) Processing Mint: Your reservation was not yet sent to the host. This means that Mylocal is still reviewing your order details. Your order will be send as fast as possible.

2) On Hold Grey: It seems like there was a problem with your reservation. In order to double-check your details, Mylocal is holding your reservation.

3) Cancelled Grey: It seems like there was a problem with your reservation. 

4) Pending Payment Orange: It looks like you have made a reservation for a service which needs instant payment. This payment was not yet confirmed by Mylocal which leave your order with the “pending payment” status. Your order will be processed as soon as payment have been completed.

5) Failed Red: Ouch! There was an issue with your order. Sometimes customer enter wrong order details such as incorrect email adresses or phone numbers, which leav Mylocal no better choice than giving your order the failed status.

6) Completed Green: You got green light! Your order was successfully send to the service host. It is now up to the host to give your  order the last status before you can consume the service.

Please note : the following statuses are indicated by email ( Ones a reservation has been marked “completed” it is up to the host to decide what status he gives next. These statuses are communicated via email)

  1. Your order has been marked “Ready” : The service you have reserved is ready to be picked up at the listings location or a different location which has eventually been indicated in previous communications.
  2. Your Booking has been confirmed : The online reservation you have made has been accepted an can be consumed as your order details indicate.
  3. Your Booking has been cancelled : We are sorry, but this means your reservation request has been rejected. Please try again for a different date or time.

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