How do I create a listing?

First you need to control if your service is a fit. Fitting services are : 

Services which are offered by an individual or corporate structure of small or medium size (generally known as PME). Every listing needs to be represented by a human contact person. The name of the profile hosting the listing needs to be retained by that same person*. This means you can not use a logo or other image than a proper profile picture as profile image.

The following categories can not be listed : 

  • E-commerce without additional on demand service such as consulting.
  • Clubs or other associations
  • Shops which do not feature the actual service host*


To create a listing:  

  1. Go to become a host or get started if you are not yet logged in.
  2. Choose a listing subscription package and start customizing the appearance.
  3. Submit your listing. Your details will be reviewd and published as fast as possible.

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