Salesmanager and Accountmanager :

Salesmanager are responsible for spreading the message of Mylocal in a convenient way. Every salesmanager learns how to communicate the brands values best. Customer audiences varry from solo-entrepreneurs, to small and medium sized businesses.  Salesmanager act likewise as an Accountmanager and are responsible for the follow-up of their customer. Mylocal offers a 3 day coaching weekend which will bring you on track.

What are some examples of a salesmanager´s work at Mylocal?

  • Create a regional target audience 
  • Contact prospects and follow-up
  • Meet customers and showcase the benefits of Mylocal
  • Support post-registration inquiries
  • Follow-up on prospects

The following experience is relevant to us:

  • Strong understanding of a digital networks strenghts
  • Experience in the professional world
  • Ability to self-teach
  • Strong communication skills
  • Patience


  • Competitive salaries
  • Work from home
  • Up to 50% commission on sales
  • Equity in Mylocal
  • Opportunity for advancement
  • flexible work flow
  • scalable income
  • great team building events
  • Much more…